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Website Redesign

1 September, 2021

Today I completed a number of website upgrades. The most notable is that I started a second server reachable under a subdomain at this website for hosting images and documents. This server runs a basic file explorer for images and documents pertaining to the Austin organ at my church, FCC Westfield. I am compiling as much information about the organ as I can so that I may be able to present a booklet about the history of the installation of this organ, which I believe will be interesting for the current members of the church.

In addition to this new server, I have upgraded both this website and the Austin organ file-explorer to use transport layer security (HTTPS) which will make this website more favorable to browsers and search engines. I thank you for your patience in dealing with browsers notifying you of the connection being not secure. The final major change is I redesigned every page to be more mobile friendly, using a flex-box for the menu at the top of the page instead of a table, and adjusting the layouts of each page to be less narrow to accommodate narrower screens such as phones in portrait orientation.

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