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Assisting Sam Friedman in recital / Sacred Music Skills recital

30 April, 2021

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Sam Friedman's recital in Oberlin Audio Archive
Sam Friedman's recital

Sunday, May 2, 2021, will be quite the busy day.

On that day at 4pm I will be performing in the organ department Sacred Music Skills class' end-of-year recital, playing an "Organ Symphony" in 4 movements.

Then, at 7pm, I will be assisting Sam Friedman, Trumpet, in his Senior Recital. Rehearsing our piece, a Torelli trumpet concerto, with Sam has been quite enjoyable and I am looking forward to this performance very much.

[May 3, 2021]

Congratulations to Sam Friedman on the sucessful completion of his Senior Recital.

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