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Organs of Oberlin

15 July, 2020

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Part 1: The Mary McIntosh Bridge Memorial Organ John Brombaugh & Associates, Opus 25, 1981 - Fairchild Chapel
Part 2: The Van Cleef Family Organ Flentrop Orgelbouw, 1974 - Warner Concert Hall
Part 3: The Fenner Douglass Memorial Organ Greg Harrold, Opus 11, 1988 - Warner Concert Hall
Part 4: The David and Sigrid Boe Organ Bozeman-Gibson, Opus 24, 1984 - Peace Community Church
Part 5: The Kay Africa Memorial Organ C. B. Fisk, Inc., Opus 116, 2001 - Finney Chapel

A new series of videos has just been released on Vimeo! Produced by Professor Jonathan Moyer and Mr. David Kazimir, demonstrating all the organs on campus and around.

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